We’re depressed

Another week of expectation has come to an end and excitement has reached fever pitch ahead of the mouth-watering prospect of getting pumped at the Bernabéu tomorrow lunchtime.


The full-time whistle signalling the end of a home capitulation against newly promoted Osasuna last Sunday brought with it a distinct sense of the last residual crumbs of patience among Espanyol fans finally running out. We couldn’t bring ourselves to write a match report but let’s take a moment to picture the scene. 1-0 up at half time after a rather fortunate penalty which Marc Roca stuck away with something approaching aplomb, before things went skidding into a ditch in the opening three minutes of the second period. That was all it took for the visitors to turn the tie on its head, with absolutely no resistance from the Espanyol back line, with Bernardo even going so far as to play Chimy Ávila through for the second. The referee once again tried to throw a lifebuoy to the floundering pericos by showing a second yellow card to Roncaglia moments later, but it only seemed to weigh them down further as they plummeted to the depths of a 1-4 deficit against the ten men.

The feeling of impotence that had been welling in the crowd had now been fully converted into anger, with the bulk of the vitriol directed firmly at the players. Machín, for his part, looked just as powerless as everyone else. This was an utterly spineless and pathetic attempt at an impression of a football team.

Once the remaining fans had shouted themselves hoarse, they resorted to that last bastion of despair: sarcasm. Osasuna players received applause and an ovation at full time, while Calleri’s late “consolation” goal was jeered, and the inadvisable decision of the stadium announcer to blare out some celebratory music was roundly whistled.

The leaderless bunch of lame ducks limped to the centre circle and stared around blankly before making their way meekly down the tunnel. They had played the last half hour of the match to a backdrop of assertions that they didn’t deserve to wear the shirt, were in fact mercenaries, and were lacking in the testicular department. All thoroughly deserved.

A week is a long time in football, or so they say, but if doesn’t feel like it this time. It feels like this team is heading down, and it might get pretty ugly pretty soon.

Tomorrow, Real Madrid.

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