Hurray for long balls and Álvarez’s bad day

Víctor and Esteban having a great time Being a dominant team that can control matches and manipulate their opponents at will is all very well, but everyone knows the most satisfying form of victory in football is the suckerpunch. Preferably against a backdrop of negativity and at a ground which holds little more than memories … Continue reading Hurray for long balls and Álvarez’s bad day

The season begins, take 2.

Naldo, earlier. The international break has dragged on a bit, despite Kosovo’s heroics and Scotland warming up for a crunch home tie against San Marino next month, but La Liga is finally back this weekend. The three rounds already disputed are but a distant memory (we hope), and this weekend’s fixtures represent a chance for … Continue reading The season begins, take 2.

La Liga preview – part two

Let's continue our look at the clubs that will be visiting RCDE stadium this year. If you missed part one you can find it here, and a link to FiveThirtyEight soccer predictions here. Otherwise, B is for... Barcelona Ernesto Valverde enters the third and final year of his contract hoping to follow in the footsteps … Continue reading La Liga preview – part two