Premature post-mortems

It was a hard watch on Sunday. As I rode my bike to RCDE stadium on Sunday afternoon, I noticed that the front tyre was a bit flat. The brake pads also seemed to be sitting awkwardly, their screeching causing passers-by to turn in my direction. Approaching the stadium, I frowned as the first few … Continue reading Premature post-mortems

Granada, Europe and last-minute deals

We’re back from our holidays feeling refreshed, relaxed and ready to rejoin the action. It became apparent during our rambles in the Pyrenees that one of the great things about the great outdoors is the lack of news regarding Neymar doing f**k all that one is subjected to. Alas. here we are, back in the … Continue reading Granada, Europe and last-minute deals

La Liga preview – part three

This train keeps on rolling with part three of our LaLiga preview. Have a look at part one and two for an enormous sense of wellbeing before jumping aboard... Ready? Get a load of G. Getafe Last season’s big over-achievers came tantalisingly close to pinching an unlikely Champions League spot, and having spent 11 weeks … Continue reading La Liga preview – part three