Bringing out Mr Hyde

David Gallego: Homeward bound? If Dr Jekyll was lending his support to David Gallego in the buildup to Sunday’s match against Real Sociedad at RCDE stadium, I’m afraid Mr Hyde is slowly taking over in the aftermath. Espanyol fell to their third consecutive home league defeat, the first time they have begun a La Liga … Continue reading Bringing out Mr Hyde

Putting a positive spin on things

Where would Espanyol be without Matías Vargas? The long wait was finally over last night as Espanyol returned to European competition proper for the first time since 06/07, and played the first ever European game at the RCDE stadium. The level of expectation was in stark contrast with the sluggish start made by the blanc-i-blau, … Continue reading Putting a positive spin on things

Hurray for long balls and Álvarez’s bad day

Víctor and Esteban having a great time Being a dominant team that can control matches and manipulate their opponents at will is all very well, but everyone knows the most satisfying form of victory in football is the suckerpunch. Preferably against a backdrop of negativity and at a ground which holds little more than memories … Continue reading Hurray for long balls and Álvarez’s bad day

Spain saunter, and Vargas is decisive

Spain paid tribute to Quini ahead of the match Robert Moreno’s shuffled Spain side came away with the expected victory last night, although the 4-0 scoreline suggested a little more gloss than was actually in evidence. Sergio Ramos and Rodrigo Moreno were the only starters retained from Thursday’s victory over Romania, with Spain lining up: … Continue reading Spain saunter, and Vargas is decisive

Spain beat Romania, and there are only two Hagis

If I can't see you, I can't hear you A classy performance from Spain, guided by Robert Moreno in his familiar smart-casual getup, saw them claim an impressive 1-2 victory in Romania last night. For close to an hour, La Roja were virtually faultless. With Fabián and Ceballos in the side, they have an incredible … Continue reading Spain beat Romania, and there are only two Hagis

Premature post-mortems

It was a hard watch on Sunday. As I rode my bike to RCDE stadium on Sunday afternoon, I noticed that the front tyre was a bit flat. The brake pads also seemed to be sitting awkwardly, their screeching causing passers-by to turn in my direction. Approaching the stadium, I frowned as the first few … Continue reading Premature post-mortems

There’s only one Matías Vargas

Espanyol were slow to warm up at the RCDE stadium last night, going a goal down to a well organised Zorya Luhansk side before turning the gas on at half time and reaching boiling point in a scintillating final half hour.  Gallego evidently had a gameplan which involved rotating the players with respect to the … Continue reading There’s only one Matías Vargas

Espanyol vs Luzern: Bernardo’s new friends and Gigi D’Agostino

Wu Lei celebrates the opening goal A much changed Espanyol side waltzed through the second leg of the Europa League 3rd round qualifier against FC Luzern last night. Three unanswered goals on the night, six on aggregate, and bring on Zorya Luhansk in the playoff round.  There were a couple of loose passes in the … Continue reading Espanyol vs Luzern: Bernardo’s new friends and Gigi D’Agostino

Too sexy for my shirt

Espanyol were confident from the start Perhaps it was the sexy new away strips they were sporting, maybe it was the knowledge that they were undoubtedly stronger than their opponents, or it may have been the sense of occasion due to Dani Jarque's presence in everyone's minds. Whatever the reason, Espanyol oozed confidence from the … Continue reading Too sexy for my shirt